Thursday, February 13, 2014

Practice..... practice..... practice.....

Started quilting John's quilt last night.  I had the bright idea that swirls in the squares would be fun and hopefully easy for me to do.  

They are fun, but not so easy (at least for me).  Finally showed them to John and he said he did not care.... just wanted it "finished and on his side of the bed."  Well if that is not encouragement, I do not know what is!  

But..... I keep looking at other blogs and pictures where the quilting is stunning, adds depth and texture and is just so PERFECT. 

After thinking about it.... I realized that I have "meandered" three quilts and two table runners.... so trying swirls right now is good and part of the journey.

A long arm quilter, after I complimented her quilting (with a tone of admiration and longing), responded to me.... "Ten-plus years and over 1,500 quilts---you'll get there!"  

So I will just practice.... practice.... practice.... 

Only 1,497 more to go!   


  1. And there is the light - so go for your circles, relax, breath, and practic...

  2. I know how you feel but I really like the swirls on the bigger quilts. I have just finished four baby quilts and just used swirls with hearts and I think they turned out great. I am happy with them. But I agree Practice Practice Practice


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