Saturday, March 24, 2012

Teeny Tiny Vacation

Ooooo we were so lucky....  we got to take a few days and get away.  We drove due north and enjoyed some time in the pines and away from the desert.  It was one of those last minute, let's do it, oh... why not...... little teeny tiny vacations.  

My husband loves cats of all sizes.... big, small, medium.... so we spent a day at Out of Africa.  We love this place.  We use to take our kids when they were teeny tiny..... when it was located much closer..... so it was nice to see all of the changes and larger spaces for the lions, tigers and bears (oh my)... Yes, I could not resist.  

We were also able to spend a little time with my parents.... we had a great dinner at The Tavern Grille the first night with my mother and her husband.  She had worked that day - so we only spent a couple of hours with them... but it was so nice.... we were so lucky that she was able to see us on such short notice!  

The next day we drove all over northern Arizona... we even saw some snow...

Can you believe that there was some up there in March?  Jerome is a fun little artist colony/town... it has really changed over the years......  We got a little Christmas shopping done.... and lots and lots of walking...  

Off to Prescott for some more shopping... and more walking..... love the antique shops up there. 

Then we met my dad and step mom for dinner.....  We were able to spend a little more time with them and it was so nice to have porch time.  

And do they have a lovely porch, all comfy and snug..... it is one of the most relaxing places in the world!

Then the next morning we headed back down the hill - back into our busy hectic life.....  grocery shopping, menu planning and meal preparing for the upcoming week.  

Laundry and housekeeping.

Luckily, I got some great inspiration in all the shops.  I even saw something and I literally did a double-take..... because it is something I do and it looked exactly like one of mine and it was marked....... yes, let us hear a drum roll please.....$80.00!!!!!......(whether they get that much for it or not.......) 

SO since I still have a day off from the distraction I call my job.... I just might, oh let me hope, just might get some time in the craft room.....  

I love little teeny tiny vacations.....  


  1. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I'm so glad you like the blanket :)

    S x

  2. Hi Stacey,

    It's never to late to join me in making a Pretty Crafty Home, you're most certainly 'in' so I've added you to my sidebar!

    Good luck in getting started and I shall look forward to hearing what you get up to!

    Hope you have fun :)

    Sandra x

  3. Hi Sandra!

    Thank you so much for putting me in your sidebar.... it is my first time to be added to another blog and it is certainly a big day for me!

    I am hopeful (and certainly motivated) to work on my Pretty Crafty Home and then blog about it this weekend!

    Stacey :)


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