Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My cutting table......

Love starting a new quilt.  My cutting table has been missing me..... or have I been missing it?  

Sunday, April 27, 2014

John's Quilt

Took a day off from work and had a little day trip with the hubby and the youngest.  We always go north but decided that we needed to go where we have never been before.  

We visited Florence, Miami, Superior, Globe and Apache Junction.  We met a woman in Globe who gave us a tour of the old Pinal County Superior courthouse.  She filled us with tales of ghosts and a mysterious murder....  she was awesome!
Saturday evening, we spent time at our oldest daughter's and husband's house to celebrate her  birthday.  Our son-in-law cooked delicious burgers (and veggie burgers for my daughter and me) on the grill.  He also grilled some sweet peppers to perfection. It was a fun evening of delicious food, (a little tequila... yummmm)  games with friends and family and lots.... and I mean lots... of laughter!  

So happy to be able to get a little time in the sewing room this weekend. 

Finally finished the quilting on John's quilt on Saturday.  (Before the tequila!) Fought hard with that quilt....  the top thread broke a million - and that is no exaggeration! - times.... but it is done.   

Miss Susie had to show me who was boss though.... so I had to wait to see my notes of the measurements so the binding could be cut. 

Finally got it all cut and sewn.....

And with the label made, the binding sewn to the front - John's Quilt is all ready for me to spend a little time in front of the television while I hand stitch the binding to the back....  

Just in time for Summer ;)  

And that green box?  It is the next project waiting!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Have been silent - but productive......  

Lots of projects going in my little creative space...  

Our Diva Snowman is a bit further along than in this picture.... but he is quite dapper. 

Had to start another crochet project.... yes, just had to! 
Was so inspired by Regula's  crochet post and stripey blanket.... well, now you see why I had to start one!  Here is a link to the pattern - "As We Go Stripey Blanket"
I took Regula's advice and printed out the pattern (with pictures) and put it in a three ring binder.... With all these left over snippets of yarn there is no specific color combo... just learning some new stitches. 

Finished BOM 3 

Finally - yes finally..... have the final design.  I love love love this and cannot wait to get it done! 

Still get amazed when that first row is sewn together and you see the actual size and how much is lost by those 1/4 inch seams!  

Well, back to the projects!