Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back from Vacation......

Not only did we play in the ocean waves, my youngest gave me a birthday spree in a quilt shop in California...  

The fabric is already washed and on my ironing board (along with the last fabric I picked out for a new quilt top).... so after I get it all pressed and pretty - they will be the star of a little upcoming photo shoot.  

Hope everyone is relaxed and refreshed from their summer vacations..... 

I am already planning next year's getaway!  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Its a Party.... Where Bloggers Create Party 2013

It is the 5th Annual Where Bloggers Create Party!!!!  This is Karen's 5th time hosting....and it is A LOT of work!  Thank you Karen for hosting and helping all of us meet each other. This is my second time participating.  Last year was so much fun, inspiring and left me pretty awestruck.

Karen does an AWESOME job and here is where you can go to see, not only Karen's absolutely stunning studio - but all of the other beautiful places where some very creative bloggers create.  

My space is an upstairs spare bedroom....  I have spruced it up a bit since last year but my area is a far cry from all of the other gorgeous studios that you will see.  


I LOVE my little space and try to spend as much time in here as possible!  

Okay - on to the tour!  

Come on in.  (Love this door)  It is new.  Just finished it on the Fourth of July and really had a lot of fun.  Still have my yellow closet doors.  Made a new iron board cover since last year's party.... 

This is the desk area....Lots of great natural light.  Do you see the pink noodle on the floor???  I cut it down the center and am using it to hide all of the electrical cords...  $1.98.... pink.... who knew?  

This is where I keep all the fabric for projects that are "works in progress."   Okay, okay.... I will admit that is a lot of fabric for just "works in progress"... just do not tell anyone else - especially my hubby.   

Love this little bright spot of the room.  The big flowers on the top shelf used to live in our kitchen - but I wanted more color in this space - especially since I now spend more time in here than in the kitchen!  The little pink and blue flowers on the second shelf are actually pens in a pretty disguise.


This is my cutting table and design wall.  I found the cute little green, yellow and pink quilt in a bunch of fabric that I brought home from my grandmother's.  (The scrappy Sue Bonnet on the other wall was another find in my grandmother's fabric boxes.)  I do not believe she made them though.  She was a miniature artist. 

The design wall is actually the backside of an inexpensive plastic tablecloth and some thumbtacks.  I was happy to find one that had a lot of fun colors on it so when it was hung up - we could fold it so some more color would show. A design wall for under $4.00! 

The purple drawers (under the cutting table) were a great find for $10.00!!  That is where all of the templates, rotary cutters, pattern books and my quilt journals are stored.  Found the risers at Big Lots.  And let me just tell you - they really help to keep my back from screaming at me when cutting a lot of fabric for a quilt project!  

This is my new sewing cabinet!  My dad and step-mom gave it to me as an early birthday present.  I LOVE it!  My dad did a great job putting this guy together!  My step mom researched and researched and she found the perfect one....  It is at the right height and has plenty of space to lay out the quilt when sewing up the larger parts - or as in the case of last night - actually machine quilting. 

Oh, ummmm... that will be another blog post at another time....  

The lamp is an old floor lamp - made of iron! Not only does it give great light - it is the perfect place to hang binding where it is nice and handy.... (the binding on the lamp stand right now is for the mug mats I have been working on).  The lampshade is new, but very blah. So.... I started gluing really bright buttons on it.  That little project requires has to be done in stages... so it is another  "work in progress" project.  

The two drawings on the wall were drawn by my youngest when she was a toddler..... they are family pictures... one is of me and one is of her dad. The embroidery piece above them was made by my oldest daughter when she about five or six years old.  I love those pieces!  The blue shadow box was a gift from a dear friend for my birthday last year. 

Before you leave - I must show you the closet....   

Pretty sure most people do not show off their closets.  But a few months ago, it got all cleaned out and organized... This is where all of the fabric inherited from my grandmother is now stored.  All card making supplies and yarn for crochet projects also have a space in this closet.  (I also make jewelry - but I keep all of the beads, wire, tools and so forth in the pie safe in the living room..... and all of my mosaic stuff is in a little room off the den....  so my creative space is spread out all over the place.  

But this room, this little colorful corner of the world, is my sewing room and I love it here...  

Well, Michael and I must get back to our new tablerunner.... 

....and there are many many parties to attend!  

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Early Finish

Must admit that I usually wait until the weekend before the block of the month is due to wash the fabric, then Monday and Tuesday I cut the pieces and then Wednesday night I am sewing the block together for the meeting on Thursday.  Not a very good plan I must admit.  I actually have no excuse either!  

But due to the unexpected four day weekend.... a little visit from a friend and getting deep cleaning done.....  

I cut my pieces on Friday and finished piecing it today.... right before I went to a baby shower....  

When the center of the block was finished - I really really liked it and am contemplating a whole quilt with these blocks.... what do you think?  

I also took some liberties with this block.  I had done it in the past with several others - but just one change.... this time I made a few changes.  I changed fabric out for others.... let me show you the finished block first.  

It is called "Hole in the Wall." And it is the first time I ever made a sawtooth border - I love this block....  I think I say this each month :)  

Okay - for the changes.  When I got the kit and saw the block in June - I knew I was going to make at least one change.... but when I was cutting - I decided on the second.  I was so happy that I had enough from scraps that I could do this.  Actually I did not use one of the fabric pieces from the kit at all!  

The fabric I swapped out is the brown firework print.  I used the beige for the cornerstones and the white on white print for the center.  I really like it better... hope you all agree!  

I am super happy to have the block done two weeks in advance!  Now I can concentrate on other projects...  

My plan/goal was to have the quilt tops I have made quilted into actual quilts..... I still have that in my mind, but I also have two other quilt tops I want to start!  

I love piecing tops..... not sure if I love quilting yet!  My mentor tells me I should make some table runners and quilt those - work on smaller projects so I will not have to fight the big quilts....  

This is why I call her my mentor..... for the good advice she gives me.  

I am grateful for her and my early finish.  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tidying up on the Fourth.....

Happy Independence Day!  No fireworks or backyard barbecue at our house this year and that is okay.  We have a lot of backyard fun at our house during the summer - the kids love to come over and go swimming and we always have food!  So I really do not feel like I am missing too much.  

Plus, it is RARE.... I mean really RARE that we get a few days off from work that does not revolve around a holiday where festivities are a requirement..... so we took full advantage and we got a lot done.  Hubby mopped all the tile floors and cleaned the bathrooms..... I cleaned all the carpet.... of course, this did not go smooth - because our old carpet cleaner bit the dust so this meant we had to make a detour to the store.... which meant we had to actually put on clothes that were decent to leave the house.... okay - I digress....  sooooo carpets clean - check, tile floors clean - check, bathrooms clean - check, pool clean - check..... yes it was a pretty productive Fourth... the best part is that we have three more days off AND the house and yard are clean!!  And it is only 5:15 p.m. which means we still have some evening left too....  Nice!  

As you all might be aware - Karen Valentine at Desert Cottage is hosting her awesome blog hop called "Where Bloggers Create" on July 12th.  This will be her fifth year hosting!  I joined in the fun last year..... and had an absolute blast.  I met new friends, spread some crafty love and got a lot of encouragement and inspiration from all the other lovely bloggers!  Last year, my craft room was a work in progress and you can see it here.  I was not only new to blogging - I was still not sure where I was going to go in my creative life....  So a year later, I have taken several quilting classes, made several quilt tops and my craft room is NOW really a sewing room.

So you must come back on the 12th to join in the fun!  And I will have more pictures of my little sewing room with the changes from last year......but the door to the room.... well..... it was a little..... oh, how can I say this.... boring..... tired....  joyless.... NORMAL.....    

Well, I just could not have that anymore...  I had been thinking about either painting it a different color - something bright like the closet doors... but then (and I wish I could remember where so I could give her credit) I saw a craft room that had taken scrapbook paper and just modge-podged them onto the door - square by square.... like a nine-patch block.  Since we borrow our house and even though my landlords are the best (they did let me paint my closet doors yellow) I really thought modge podge would not be the best choice..... so I thought and thought about it for several months....  and of course inspiration hit my up side my head - double stick tape - PERFECT!  And I already had these awesome, bright colored 12x12 scrapbook papers (that I got on sale for $3.99!!!) 

So with double stick tape in hand, my handy-dandy paper cutter and about an hour of my time....  

I started.....  


I did not want make it is a pretty nine-patch block - I wanted to make the squares different width sizes....   Oh yes, I am loving all the colors and the door is not so joyless anymore.... no sir - it is has some life!

 Isn't that fun?!  

I broke up the different squares with some strips of paper - just to pep it up a bit.  I was going to use ribbons and buttons... but it got late and I really just love it right now the way it is....  The best part is that I had all the supplies in my yellow closet.  I did not need to get any more to do this!  

I seriously did not need any more reasons to love my sewing room - but let me tell you....  I love this door and it really sets the tone of the room and makes a statement - it says "There is fun to be had in this room and you are welcome to come on in!"