Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tidying up on the Fourth.....

Happy Independence Day!  No fireworks or backyard barbecue at our house this year and that is okay.  We have a lot of backyard fun at our house during the summer - the kids love to come over and go swimming and we always have food!  So I really do not feel like I am missing too much.  

Plus, it is RARE.... I mean really RARE that we get a few days off from work that does not revolve around a holiday where festivities are a requirement..... so we took full advantage and we got a lot done.  Hubby mopped all the tile floors and cleaned the bathrooms..... I cleaned all the carpet.... of course, this did not go smooth - because our old carpet cleaner bit the dust so this meant we had to make a detour to the store.... which meant we had to actually put on clothes that were decent to leave the house.... okay - I digress....  sooooo carpets clean - check, tile floors clean - check, bathrooms clean - check, pool clean - check..... yes it was a pretty productive Fourth... the best part is that we have three more days off AND the house and yard are clean!!  And it is only 5:15 p.m. which means we still have some evening left too....  Nice!  

As you all might be aware - Karen Valentine at Desert Cottage is hosting her awesome blog hop called "Where Bloggers Create" on July 12th.  This will be her fifth year hosting!  I joined in the fun last year..... and had an absolute blast.  I met new friends, spread some crafty love and got a lot of encouragement and inspiration from all the other lovely bloggers!  Last year, my craft room was a work in progress and you can see it here.  I was not only new to blogging - I was still not sure where I was going to go in my creative life....  So a year later, I have taken several quilting classes, made several quilt tops and my craft room is NOW really a sewing room.

So you must come back on the 12th to join in the fun!  And I will have more pictures of my little sewing room with the changes from last year......but the door to the room.... well..... it was a little..... oh, how can I say this.... boring..... tired....  joyless.... NORMAL.....    

Well, I just could not have that anymore...  I had been thinking about either painting it a different color - something bright like the closet doors... but then (and I wish I could remember where so I could give her credit) I saw a craft room that had taken scrapbook paper and just modge-podged them onto the door - square by square.... like a nine-patch block.  Since we borrow our house and even though my landlords are the best (they did let me paint my closet doors yellow) I really thought modge podge would not be the best choice..... so I thought and thought about it for several months....  and of course inspiration hit my up side my head - double stick tape - PERFECT!  And I already had these awesome, bright colored 12x12 scrapbook papers (that I got on sale for $3.99!!!) 

So with double stick tape in hand, my handy-dandy paper cutter and about an hour of my time....  

I started.....  


I did not want make it is a pretty nine-patch block - I wanted to make the squares different width sizes....   Oh yes, I am loving all the colors and the door is not so joyless anymore.... no sir - it is has some life!

 Isn't that fun?!  

I broke up the different squares with some strips of paper - just to pep it up a bit.  I was going to use ribbons and buttons... but it got late and I really just love it right now the way it is....  The best part is that I had all the supplies in my yellow closet.  I did not need to get any more to do this!  

I seriously did not need any more reasons to love my sewing room - but let me tell you....  I love this door and it really sets the tone of the room and makes a statement - it says "There is fun to be had in this room and you are welcome to come on in!"


  1. well, what an unusual idea. But it is creative!

    1. Hi Terry! It is unusual - but fun! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Thank you for the tour, your door is awesome! What a great idea! Thank you for visiting my little studio. Happy crafting!

    1. It was fun to get this door ready for the tour! Thank you!


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