Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

It is one of my favorites.... Thanksgiving.  

Such a great day.... family, friends, food and no stress.  I enjoy this day the most out of all the holidays.  

Thankful for this year?  

1.  God.
2.  My family. 
3.  My friends. 

There is more.... but those are my top three.  

Pull your family and friends close, give many thanks to God and enjoy the feast!  

(And get some sewing/crafting in this weekend!!!)  

Happy Thanksgiving!  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Table Runner Mania

Working on a table runner for Christmas. Took the wonky star block and reduced it down to a 6 1/2 square.... (math is not a strong point for me - so pretty happy!)  Took the Which Ways North flying geese paper piecing block... added a trunk and then made a Christmas tree out of it!  

Love these colors....  

Isn't the fabric for the trees awesome?  The tree looks like it has Christmas ornaments and/or lights on it!  Love!  I even like the chunky tree trunk.  So...... cutting mode right now.  

I wrote down all the pieces to cut for each tree and star block.  I think I have figured out the design.... (thinking about changing a color combination....)  

The only problem is that I did not calculate how much fabric would be needed.... so even if I write a pattern - I cannot say how much fabric to have.... so lesson learned.....  take better notes!  

Or a even better lesson learned....  

A girl can never have too much fabric!  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another First......

So Excited!  

This little blog and pictures of my sewing room were shared on another blog And Sew We Craft!!!  

This is a great blog with eight contributors one of which is Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts who I met through a Blog Hop Party in March and I even won her giveaway....  Yes I am loving my mailman in friendly way...

Go and check out these blogs!  You will definitely be inspired, encouraged and will learn lots of new things.  

Thank you Alyce and And Sew We Craft for helping me with another "First." 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reflections on "imperfection"

Loving these wonky stars.  I am working on another table runner and using the wonky star pattern again.  It is sandwiched and ready for quilting... the simple meandering kind.... 

Why am I so drawn to these wonky stars.  Yes, they are fun and easy...  Boy, do I like easy, it allows me to work in other areas of this art.... work on quilting and binding.  

However, there is more.  There is something very lovely about these wonky stars.  At first glance, your mind's eye sees the traditional star.

In fact, they are constructed in the same way as a traditional star, use the same amount of squares and triangles.....but when you have a little closer look you can see the "imperfections."  The points are different lengths and widths.  The star can appear to be long or it can be considered thick...  but definitely not a traditional perfect star.  

Like snowflakes... no two wonky stars are alike.  

That is fantastic!  Unique and individual....  just as we have been created.  

To me, the wonky star looks like it is dancing.... celebrating.... happy.  There is movement in the wonky star. 

It is how I want to live.... dancing, loving and celebrating the "imperfections" of life....  


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Table runners everywhere....

Finished another table runner....  (Is it one word or two??)  

This is my second attempt at quilting.... (I finished this one before First Ever Completed Quilt..... but I am happy with another finish.