Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reflections on "imperfection"

Loving these wonky stars.  I am working on another table runner and using the wonky star pattern again.  It is sandwiched and ready for quilting... the simple meandering kind.... 

Why am I so drawn to these wonky stars.  Yes, they are fun and easy...  Boy, do I like easy, it allows me to work in other areas of this art.... work on quilting and binding.  

However, there is more.  There is something very lovely about these wonky stars.  At first glance, your mind's eye sees the traditional star.

In fact, they are constructed in the same way as a traditional star, use the same amount of squares and triangles.....but when you have a little closer look you can see the "imperfections."  The points are different lengths and widths.  The star can appear to be long or it can be considered thick...  but definitely not a traditional perfect star.  

Like snowflakes... no two wonky stars are alike.  

That is fantastic!  Unique and individual....  just as we have been created.  

To me, the wonky star looks like it is dancing.... celebrating.... happy.  There is movement in the wonky star. 

It is how I want to live.... dancing, loving and celebrating the "imperfections" of life....  



  1. They are fun and unique and your reflection upon them is perfect!

    1. Thank you Sharon! Your comments always make me smile! (As do your blogs!)


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