Friday, February 14, 2014

O Where, O Where are the Sewing Machine Elves....

As I was practicing, practicing and practicing.... my top thread kept breaking.  (I will confess right now that I was not a very good girl and bad words were flying out of my mouth faster than I could ask for forgiveness!)

So I went to Missouri Star Quilt Company and watched a video on machine quilting.  I lowered the feed dogs, raised the tension and tried again.... well that did not work AT ALL! 

So I raised my feed dogs back up, put the tension back, re-threaded my machine for the 100th time and went back at it.  

Again.... the not so nice words were flying and I was re-threading. 

I changed the needle.  

Did not help. In fact, it got worse.  Now all the top thread was staying down in the bobbin area.  So I changed bobbins. 

(Yes, by this time I was using practice material - not John's Quilt!)

Soooooo I decided to do something I have never done and that is clean the machine.  Got the manual out, took all the necessary parts off and you would not believe the lint I found!  Oh my gosh - I probably could have knitted a small sweater!  HA!   

Without looking at my paperwork - I think I have had my Janome for a year... so it was probably wanting a good cleaning for some time.  

Put my machine back together according to the manual.......  


still doing the same thing.  Yes, I am crying now. It is Thursday night.  We have a three-day weekend coming up... I was going to sew, sew, quilt, sew and sew....  

I did what any good sewist would do....  I went to bed hoping the Sewing Machine Elves would magically appear, fix my poor Janome and I could carry on my merry way.

And I woke up to........ 

.... not a Sewing Machine Elf footprint to be found.

So I guess it means a visit to my sewing machine dealer on Saturday..... hmmmm.....  

Is this a good argument for having two sewing machines on hand?  

Oh wait... I do... my old Singer.... 

Okay so this is a good argument to have two Janomes on hand.....  


  1. I have a Janine, had to have it worked 9 months after I bought it

    1. Oh dear.... well it is going to visit the doctor tomorrow!

  2. Dumb advice I'm sure but did you try changing the needle?

    1. Hi Bryana! No, not dumb advice at all...... because I did try it!


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