Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting Stuff Done...... and some adjustments

Setting goals.... either love or hate it.  Obvious reason to hate would be setting the goal and then not achieving it. Another reason is creating unrealistic goals.... "Well, it sounded good at the time," etc... 

It is easier to love goals when you reach or even exceed them.  

My goals for 2014 were simple. At least I thought they were. Two months into 2014 and some are being met, some are above and some are just not getting done.  

2014 Goals:  

1.  Walk everyday. 

2.  Blog everyday - even if it is just a picture.

3. Spend at least 30 minutes in the sewing room everyday...  and this does not include blogging, checking e-mails, etc. (yes my sewing room doubles as my little office).  
Must create for 30 minutes everyday.  

4.  Finish all my quilts.... no more quilt tops being stored in a closet - get them out and in use!  

5.  Spend time with friends at least once a week.  

6.  Put down the club and stop beating myself up. 

7.  Learn to say no. 

8.  .......

Well, 1 and 2 are not being met...  I am walking and blogging, just not everyday (and not at the same time).  But I still call this successful because I am walking and blogging a lot more than last year...  

No. 3 is being met for the most part!  

(Disappearing Nine Patch - inspired by Missouri Star Quilt Company - Pieced and Quilted January, 2014) 

No. 4 is still a work in progress... but I already have one of the quilt tops done and it was the largest.... so we are right on track!  

No. 5 is probably unrealistic - but I am spending more time with my friends.  

No. 6 is one of those ones where I am good for a couple of days but then fall back into bad habits... but I will not call this one a loss at all!  

No. 7 is probably the easiest of all of them and probably the one I was most ready to tackle....  totally exceeding at this one!  

No. 8 was left blank on purpose.... it was for adjustments. Adjust the goal, adjust the schedule and most of....make sure attitude is being adjusted!  

And I can state, without a doubt, that no. 8 is exceeding....

Happy 2014 - getting stuff done!    


  1. Love the quilt on the bed - great color and movement. I think we all adjust our goals, etc...

  2. This sounds like a good plan. Good luck! The quilt on the bed looks great. Regula


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