Sunday, February 16, 2014

One Down.... One to Go

Had a lot of fun putting the first of two Baby Shower Centerpieces together.....  

I wish the diapers had been solid white because the decorative prints seem to make the rolling of the diapers lopsided.... but overall I just love it!  

I have to give lots of, if not most, the credit to Youtube tutorials........  I just watched quite a few and then put this guy together. 

Tomorrow is the onsie/washcloth flower bouquet.  


  1. great job. they are addictive though. I have made many. two of them like motorcycles. fun fun.
    the baby's mom will love it!

    1. Oh I could certainly see how they are addicting.... was so surprised at how easy they really were! You made the motorcycle ones!! That is fantastic!

      I do hope the baby's mom is happy!

      Thank you so much

    2. Looks fabulous! I have made a few in my day but just gave the last of my stored decorations away to my neighbour. Sadly, it is too hard on my hands to roll, hold and loop the elastics over. My hands ache for days better to give it all to a younger person to have some fun with!


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