Thursday, January 23, 2014

Binding.... It is so.....

The binding is sewn on the front - now to do the hand stitching to finish the binding on the Disappearing Nine Patch.....  

I love this last little part of a quilt... the handwork.  

It is so therapeutic....  quiet work.   


  1. one of my favorite parts of making a quilt. partly because of the "up close and personal nature" to the quilt and I think partly because I know I am on the homestretch and a quilt is born.

    1. I could not have said that better.... I love having a quilt in my lap and working on it - but am not ready to spread my wings into hand quilting just yet - so binding fills that need. And knowing that the quilt is almost finished means I can start another one!

  2. I love hand stitching too. Enjoy it!


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