Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lucky girl I am.....

Four 18 Gallon Tubs of Fabric

Oh my goodness.....  I am one lucky girl! 

An old friend gave me these four 18 gallon tubs of fabric... and what a treat. 

My quilty girlfriend (we started our quilty journey together) and I have been dreaming/talking/working on..... making charity quilts for either donation or sale.... more about that another time.  So as you can imagine four 18 gallon tubs of fabric are certainly a wonderful jump start to our dream.  Not to mention the four huge boxes of fabric, patterns and notations that my quilty girlfriend's aunt has donated to the cause.

Blessings do not stop there.....  my old friend, who donated these four 18 gallon tubs of fabric.... well, we had not seen each other in nearly eighteen years..... 

Fabric for charity quilts.... reconnecting with an old and dear friend..... and spending time with my quilty friend.... 

Makes for one lucky girl!  


  1. That is a very nice story....what a great thing to do!

  2. Always great to see old friends, and I'm sure you are grateful for the great donations you have received. Have fun quilting, I know someone will enjoy your work

  3. nice and nice to donate to others who need. have fun in your new stash!


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