Sunday, November 30, 2014

Where has the time gone.....

So amazed that half of October and all of November slipped by without one little blog post!  Luckily..... productivity has been rampant!  

Two corner to corner afghans were completed.  I must admit this is a record for me!  Usually, it will take me a couple of months to complete one.  Okay - actually it will take me more than a couple of months... hahahaha...  

Started on my oldest daughter's quilt.  So exciting.  We had talked about the Terry Atkinson's Stash Stars Pattern.  

Purchased the pattern... but finding fabric for my daughter proved to be a little bit of a challenge.  So I tabled the quilt.

While browsing the internet for star patterns, I went to Quilt in a Day's free pattern site and found "Leah's Star." 

Oh..... I was excited and scared all at once.... excited because my oldest daughter's name is Leah and scared because it looks like a very complicated pattern. So using scraps left over from the "No More Beige Blues" table runner  I made a test block.

Let me tell you!  So easy.  So awesome. So happy!  Then the hunt for fabric started.  

My bestie and I went fabric shopping.  We welcome any excuse to go fabric shopping!  

Leah likes muted colors and an antique style fabric.... but not too old fashioned.  This can be difficult but we found the perfect fabrics.  However, I was a little concerned that it might look too Christmassy....  (is that even a word?) Mind you, Leah has not seen the fabric, nor the pattern yet!
So the cutting started.... my idea was to use the same fabric for the background of each block, use the focus fabric as star part one and the other two fabrics as the star part two in each of the blocks.  However, in all the excitement it got away from me and I made a cutting error. Oh boy!  I get so discouraged.....  and this would have been horrible except that the youngest daughter (who really should be a quilt designer!) said to make it scrappy and then none of the cutting error is wasted!  Wooo Hoo....  I made a couple of blocks, posted the picture on Instagram and Leah commented that she loved the fabrics!!!  WOOO HOOOO! 

So on Thanksgiving I showed her the blocks, the pattern and she is so excited!  

And she did not think it was too Christmassy.  Yes, it was used twice so it must be a word now! 

Seriously..... if you are looking for a great pattern... this is definitely it.  I LOVE it!  

Finished piecing another quilt top.....

This one is based on Which Ways North pattern....  

Started Christmas package toppers...... 

Tutorial from Little Golden Nook  (Love Pinterest!) 

Michael helping me this morning.....  

And now back to the cutting board (literally) so I can get Leah's Star Quilt pieced!  

If time has to slip away.... so glad it was full of busy fun!  


  1. I've made this block before (as the braided star name) and it is a quick block to make. I like the scrappy look and it is not Chrismassy at all.

    1. It is such a great block. And I am so glad you like the scrappy look.... I value your opinion! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


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