Saturday, April 27, 2013

No animals were hurt......

in the making of this dinner.  

Over the years I have struggled with my weight.... I have been larger most of my adult life, had my gall bladder removed and lately blood pressure issues (though I have gotten this a little bit under control by changing my diet... now if I would just enjoy exercising). 

When I had been smaller, I was eating a veggie diet.  Actually I have always loved veggies over meat.... oh a good steak once in awhile .....  but my body would pay a huge price for it.  

While, I would never try to tell anyone that they should stop eating meat - it is a no-brainer for me.  My body just does not digest meat well....  it goes into shock and then... well, enough said about that. 

But a girl can only eat so many salads, steamed veggies and fruit smoothies!  Right?  Right.

So in my quest to find alternatives to meat, my youngest came this really fun youtube channel - The Sweetest Vegan.  (She also has a great blog)  She is fun to watch and eats like I do - animated with dance moves!  Not that I want to go vegan.... I still want to eat fish once in awhile so I cannot even call myself a vegetarian.... maybe a partial vegetarian... but certainly not a full-blown one.  

I have not watched all of her video recipes yet.... but one did look really good.  So I made it today.....  Dirty Rice  Let me just tell you...... it was delicious! (I did not make mine totally vegan because I have to add a little butter or margarine to my rice.) I had found Mel's Kitchen before Christmas last year when I was looking for brown rice recipes.........and I feel this technique is the best way to get perfect brown rice. 

This was a great dish. Even if you do not want to go vegan or vegetarian - this is a really tasty side-dish.... crunchy, smokey and a little bit of spice....  

mmmmmmm.......  and all the animals are safe. 

An update!!!  No one in my house liked this dish very much but I LOVED it.  So...... I sauteed some mushrooms (because I am the only one who likes them) with onions and garlic in olive oil..... added it to the dirty rice...... 

Oh heaven!    


  1. Can I ask what you did to get your BP under control?

    1. I really think that by adding lots of leafy greens, eliminated animal protein and walking/biking has helped immensely! Every time I drop ten pounds, it goes down more. There is a history of high blood pressure in my family so I am trying to stave off the meds as long as I can! Hope this helps you and take great care!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. Probably because I relate so well to the parts about the vegetables and how not everyone in the family agrees with my food choices. Four years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. Although I have always loved fruits and vegies I had to make some drastic changes to my menu and learn better portion control. I'm on my way to check out the sweetest vegan and then on to Mel's kitchen! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It would be pretty boring if everyone in the family liked all the same food.... and it would make it so much easier for the one who cooks most of the meals - we wouldn't want that would we.... hahahaha...

      I am sorry about your diabetes diagnosis! That is a tough one!! Are you controlling your sugar levels through diet only? Or do you have to take insulation? My husband is on the verge of diabetes (another reason for quest for yumminess on the internet)... and we are trying to lower it with diet.

      Hope you enjoyed the Sweetest Vegan as much as I do! She is so much fun!


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