Friday, April 12, 2013

My last date with the mailman.... for now

It has been one of those weeks....  Not much motivation - especially at the day job.  

But - all was not lost...... 

Look what Karen at The Recipe Bunny sent my way..... 

Are those fabrics just way too awesome?  And see the three at the bottom?  She put those in as a bonus.  Thanks Karen!  

I went to my favorite quilt shop yesterday and picked up some more fabric for the Urban Cowgirl quilt.... I decided on eggplant.... I know, I know... I thought brown would be my choice, but wait until you see the eggplant batik instead.  It is still in the dryer - (the pattern calls for 4 1/2 yards of background fabric!!!) so ironing will be fun.  I need to cut the fabric this weekend so I will be ready.  Plus I need to do Block of the Month #3....  so I have a bit to do this weekend.  

I decided to work only a half day today - you know, thought I would get some sewing done.... but no - decided to do spring cleaning in the sewing/craft room instead... do not ask me why?  

Here is my BOM #2  

Will need to rip this one apart because it has major issues.... but I really like the block.  I actually wanted to just buy the kit for this month and have a complete do over... but my instructor said she felt I could fix it.... I think she wants me to learn something from this and I am certain I will!  

While I was at my favorite quilt shop I picked up my mystery.....  The one with the triangle trouble.... I still am not very happy with it - but what the heck....  

Still needs borders.... but even though I am not in love with this quilt top - I gained a lot of knowledge from it - not only in triangles, but how to write and photograph a tutorial... and I met a ton of new friends... 

Well, off to my new clean, cleared out sewing room to get some much needed ironing, cutting and sewing done....  

Ahhh.... I think I need just one more date though.  


  1. love that bom square. Really neat pattern. I just ran the vaccum and did a load of towels. I guess we have to get some things done in the house.

    1. Thanks Terry.... you are so right. I finally got my motivation back and got tons done so now it is sewing time.... wooo hoo! Glad you were able to get a little done around the house and hope you are now locked away in your sewing room! Have a great weekend.


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