Monday, May 28, 2012


Three day weekend.....  ahhhh.....  and it was the last of the birthday blow-outs that started in mid-April.  Yes, every weekend had a birthday celebration.  They are wonderful, but exhausting.  We did all agree that next year we will just have one big party to celebrate all the birthdays... that will be nice.  

There were many little projects to be done to make sure each birthday was special.  However, today was the day.  It was all craft room day..... well, with a bit of laundry, gardening, vacuuming, and straightening thrown in.... but it was not intentional craft time.... it was an all creative time.  Wonderful.  

Let me just craft room is my sanctuary, my therapist.....  well, just my space.  Yep, that is right.  I am not ashamed to admit it.  When I am feeling stressed, just not myself or need time to think....... I know it is time.  It is time to color, sew, paint, glue, tape......  get my hands all gooey and sticky.  It is time to turn on my iPod, listen to my favorites and just create.  

I was lucky enough to work on some cards a few months ago - but did not post the pictures.  

The colors are so much fun.....  

Today was more therapeutic because I was able to get some of the ideas I had in my head out through my hands.  I love to mosaic....  My youngest daughter and I did a beautiful table a few years ago.  (In fact you can see it behind the crochet piece in this post.  

I love the tiles and marbles.....  so fun, so colorful.   Was able to just let it flow.... no rhyme or reason, just cut, glue and put the pieces together    

This pot is ready for grout.... but that will be next weekend.  Started another pot..... all blues and greens.... 
This one is a decoupage pot.... just started it.....  want to add all kinds of embellishments to it..... but again... next weekend.  

Started to work on the hanging planters for VBS.....  and working out a pattern/idea for a jeans purse....  

Even though there are unfinished pieces and many projects were started and contemplated......
 was pure bliss...... and it looks like next weekend is adding up to be blissful also! 

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