Monday, February 2, 2015

Grey to colorful.....

Super Bowl Sunday started out so grey.... We were fogged in for a few hours!

This was the view out my sewing room window.  

And this was what we found on our drive to church.

It is actually quite funny because my last post was all about living in the Southwest Desert and how I have been spending my whole life trying to get away.  It was almost like God was giving me a gift... a glorious, grey morning gift!  

Once church let out, the sun had finally burned all the fog off.... but it sure was magical while it lasted.  

I found a wonderful YouTube Channel called Bella Coco through a Facebook page called Starting Chain.  The tutorial was for Sunburst Granny Squares.  (I have found other patterns called Colorburst Granny Squares.)  

So I thought I would give it a try.....  

So pleased with the ease of her tutorial (and her lovely accent).  If you like YouTube, I highly recommend that you subscribe to her Channel!  

These could become so addicting in no time.  

So before the game started.....  went yarn shopping with my bestie...

During the game made a few squares....  


Sarah at Bella Coco also has a great tutorial on how to join your granny squares.... I opted for the "Join as you go" method....  

Love it!  (I took this photo late last night so the poor lighting makes it seem like there are ridges on the seams.... but there really are not any ridges and it flat on both sides.)

So Super Bowl Sunday started out grey and ended very colorful.   

Yes, these are addicting!  

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