Sunday, February 15, 2015

Crochet Love

Oh my..... so much crocheting going on at my place these days. 

It is funny.  One minute it is all about fabric and quilting.... then the next minute it is cooking and baking... and then it is all about yarn and crocheting.  My brain just does not want to stop.  Do you ever get the notion that there is just so much out there that your hands need to be in the middle of?  Oh my.... my brain works that way.  

Progress on the Super Bowl Sunday Color Afghan is going along just great...  this picture is actually from last week and more squares have been added, but the light tonight is not my friend.  

Yesterday was Prayer Shawl Fellowship.... I just love those ladies - they tirelessly crochet and knit afghans and prayer shawls! 

And one of our group has told us about another ministry that wants all kinds of 12 inch Granny Squares that they will put together into afghans for Charity!  So she will be spearheading that new adventure for us and we will be devoting next month to learning new Granny Squares. See why I just love those ladies!

Have also been a YouTube junkie.... learned many techniques for quilting and cooking and lately crocheting.  In my last post I told you all about Bella Coco and that started the Crochet binge!  So in that need to fuel my addiction - I have been watching Mikey at The Crochet Crowd  and of course, just had to join the 2015 Yarnspirations Mystery Afghan Crochet Along! Like I need to start one more darn project! And if you need just one more project - it is never too late to join the Crochet Along!!  

Signed up and got the requirements and went to the store.  My inspiration for the color choice was from the plate that sits on my kitchen desk.  Miss Susie loves to have her picture taken, so I had this from a few months ago..... 

Aren't the colors in the plate so pretty!  And yes, Miss Susie is very very very pretty.  Even with that look on her face :) 


So these are the colors... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!  

Got the first clue, watched Mikey's tutorial and off to make 20 Granny Squares.... (yes more Grannies!)  

Only need to make three more and then will be ready for the next clue.....

Michael is such a patient and good little helper! 

Even my little furry family members have some crochet love!  

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