Friday, May 9, 2014

Quilting Queen.....

Okay - Queen may be a little much but it sure feels like it is all about quilts at my place....  

Still working at my 2014 list of goals and while I am not 100% successful (numbers 1 and 2 for instance).....  I am reaching other goals....  Mainly spending at least 30 minutes in my sewing room and finishing up quilts. 

On Instagram.... you can find some other pictures of the progress....  

John's Quit is finished!!!!  

So glad he likes it!  

So handsome... boy am I ever a lucky girl!  
Of course we cannot finish one without starting another! 

My youngest picked out fabric at a Quilt Show - super cute cat fabric!!!  She chose the pattern "Square Dance Quilt" in "Start Quilting with Alex Anderson"..... so thankful she picked one I could handle.....    

However, in the rush - I mis-read the pattern and.... (so lucky) cut the strips too wide.... thank goodness it was not too thin!  

So after trimming and sewing.....  she got to play around with the layout

Such super cute fabric!!!

Now just to finish it up this weekend. (Got a surprise early release from work today - so I will get a good head start on it!)   

This quilt has actually named itself....... can you guess?  

She had fun "auditioning" inner borders, borders, binding and backing....  she has a great eye for color!  

Need to also cut and sewing this month's BOM....  

Maybe I really am the Quilting Queen.... at least for the day!   

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