Friday, March 7, 2014

Radical stillness......

Just read an awesome blurb from author Anne Lamott - (if you have not read any of her books - please do!)  

It jumped out because as we move into the season of Lent quiet and stillness are on the forefront.  For me personally though.....  quiet and stillness are a necessity.  My air.  My water.  My food.   

She said take a walk and practice radical stillness......

What does that mean to me?  To you? 

Maybe it explains my recent obsession with revisiting my love for cross-stitch. 

I love the idea of painting a picture with thread.  Counting those little "X's" takes quiet concentration.  Seeing the shape unfold.  





Radical stillness.... for me, right now, this is as close as I can get..... 

and that is just fine.  

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  1. I agree - it is a soul soothing process that I enjoy too.


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