Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's Up...... on my design wall.....

The picture just did not come out....   The lighting is very very very poor and I may need to invest in a better camera (the youngest would be THRILLED because she has a new blog of her own).  

So my design wall is full of the layout of the Mystery Quilt designed by Debbie Caffrey (If you ever ever ever get a chance to do a mystery of hers - please do!  I have learned sooooo much from taking the mystery quilt classes at my favorite quilt shop.  Her patterns are so friendly and informative.... and her designs are super creative!)  And boy do I ever love this design....  but I will really have to work at getting it to line up properly.  I will have to wiggle waggle with pinning..... so construction will take longer and be a little more tedious than any other quilt top I have pieced so far.  

Not because of the design, pattern, instructor.... nope - this is all on me!  

You see, I made a mistake in construction of one of the steps and it involved............. triangles.  Yes, they got me again!  

BUT a huge lesson has been learned and I am going to share it with you on March 8th..... Why March 8th?????

Because NOT only will I do my very first ever mini-tutorial.... I decided to go to the next step and have a giveaway..... and to help - I joined  "Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways" hosted by  

So I am really glad that when I started to learn to quilt I decided to keep a written journal......for each class I have taken and for each quilt top I have pieced.....    
It has been super helpful to go back and read what I wrote at the very moment when there was a struggle with a technique or learned a little trick or need a measurement.  I get to see the journey that I am on.  It seems that when I read these notes and journal entries - I learn something else - either about quilting or myself or life.....  

In re-reading my notes during this Mystery Quilt journey - I saw the frustration at my abilities and even wrote a note about never doing another mystery quilt again..... WHAT? 

Well, thankfully that notion was short-lived because I learned that we will be doing a scrappy mystery quilt with 20 different light fabrics and 20 different medium fabrics and they will be 2 1/2 strips....  ooooooo..... yes, I am so excited - okay, okay, okay - this can wait and yes, I will be taking this class :) 

So the little mini-tutorial will be about what I have learned about triangles.... is it a love affair?  Not yet, but there is still hope!  

Miss Susie is not impressed.....  but she loves the sewing room - especially the sewing room lounge chair.  

Hope to see you on Friday!  


  1. Hi! You came by to visit my blog and I wanted to say thanks, but you showed up as a noreply blogger. So here I am to say thank you for leaving such a nice comment. I'll have to check out the Beverly Lewis series you mentioned. And I will be watching on March 8th! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Gail... I've tried to rectify the "noreply blogger" issue by closing my Google + account and going back to my original blogger settings. I did receive a reply this morning to a comment I left on a blog last night - so maybe I am now a reply blogger!!!

      Maybe this was good though because you will be back for the giveaway on Friday!



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