Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Longer a Mystery

The quilt is done, has been revealed at class, photographed, and ready to be hung up for awhile in the shop.  It is no longer a mystery..... even though I have named it Ït's a Mystery to Me"- third ever quilt top.  

I so enjoyed this quilt.  When I was taking the T-shirt quilt class last Monday, my instructor (who I absolutely and totally adore) encouraged me to try my hand at a pieced border....  Pattern by the same designer of the mystery quilt - Debbie Caffrey.  The pieced border is from her series "Becoming a Confident Quilter - Delectably Simple Mountains."  So I bought some more fabric and finished it up last night.  While there are a few mistakes - I am still pleased and happy with the final quilt top.....   so I guess it would be nice if I put a picture up!  

Here is a bit of a close up picture of the block..... (only an inner border)

 Debbie Caffrey is an awesome designer and really helps a beginning quilter feel confident to pick a harder block to attempt.  What makes her technique so fantastic is that when you take a mystery class - you have no idea what the block will look like until you have completed (in this case) twenty-four of them!  No time to second guess whether you can do the block or not.....
Here is the finished quilt with the pieced border....  (photography courtesy of my youngest!)

Yes, I was quite surprised when it was done!  And if you are wondering - I chose not to sash... 

I just finished reading Jennifer Chiaverini's last book in the Elm Creek Quilter series "The Giving Quilt."  While I am sad to be all caught up in the series - I absolutely loved this book.  It really captured how I feel about my goal in becoming a quilter.... while I want to make sure that every single one of my family has a beautiful quilt on their bed..... I also want to help make sure that all kids have a beautiful, warm quilt or blanket they can call their very own.  I have been a part of a group at my church that crochets and knits afghans for a women's shelter for several years.... I have heard stories about children from the shelter leaving with one of our afghans....... so this is just an extension to that.  So I was super happy when Jennifer's facebook page should up on my newsfeed today with a link where I could download a free copy of the quilt pattern for The Giving Quilt.  And yes, I did download it!  I took it with me to the quilt shop tonight (when we had our reveal).

So guess what is on my cutting mat tonight..... and yes it is already washed and ready to be ironed and then cut!  

That beautiful focus fabric.... the green, purple, cream and blue print..... it was a find from the Shop Hop.....  I am ready to begin a new quilt top....  

Luckily I will be taking a machine quilting class in December.... finally!   


  1. Your quilt if beautiful! And so are you ! I love the story of how you knit and crochet at your church for the shelter.
    Kids taking the afghans home when they leave...awwwww...they probably don't have blankets when they go.

    I have done Xmas baskets for brand new immigrant families from Muldova (formerly a part of Russia). They arrive with 2 suitcases and 5 thousand dollars to start their new Canadian life. They are doctors, lawyers, accoutants. etc in their own country. They need a masters to get in here...They work 12plus days and learn English at night. They have nothing and are so glad to be here.
    I coupon for the food and toiletries but I always buy a new quilt for Mum and Dad and for the children as I think you have to have some dignity and something pretty in your home.
    This year my husband retired just over a year early to look after me after my back surgery. I won't do the hampers due to budget constraints, but I am going to do a framed piece of art for the kids rooms. (from the 8 families I have helped). I am doing their initial in buttons for the girls, or lego for the boys. They are all under 5 so it is appropriate and I have the buttons and lego and frames already on hand. There is one older girl and her initial will be from teensy paper flowers.
    We all serve God in different ways!
    You with your blankets, me with my is good!

  2. I can't say I understand everything (about blocks and pieced borders) but it's really interesting! Beautiful job and I love the new fabric!

  3. Life is good Ms. Scrappymo! Thank you for sharing with me and I think you are beautiful too! I hope you are healing and on the road to recovery after your back surgery.... that can be so tough but you are definitely faithful and I know that brings you much comfort. I love your ideas for the framed initial artwork!

    Thanks Stephanie.... Your artwork is amazing and I appreciate your encouragement. It means a ton!


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