Friday, August 17, 2012

My First Ever Quilt Top

So excited!  I finally found a few minutes to be able to upload the pictures..... of my first ever, in my entire life,  quilt

My inner border is not straight - but I am not sad..... I actually learned that placement of your sewing machine can alter the outcome of any sewing project - so I have tweaked the craft/sewing room again and moved the sewing machine....  

This week - I learned how to sandwich my quilt and got a great back fabric for my first ever, in my entire life, quilt.....  

I got some more of the brown fabric and once I learn to actually quilt all three layers, I am going to bind it in brown.  

To quilt - I may have to invest in a new sewing machine.  I love the one I have now - but I cannot get a walking foot or a free motion foot for it.  Unfortunately, this quilt is just too large and I live in a very warm climate, to hand quilt.  It would just take too long :( 

Tomorrow is a super busy day.  I get to spend some time with my Prayer Shawl ladies and I have my first class in Quilt 102!!!  Yes, that is right - I am going to start another quilt top tomorrow.... I am so EXCITED!  This is going to be a sampler quilt, so I will learn several new block patterns which even include piecing with triangles..... (no curves yet).  So I already purchased my fabric for the new quilt top.  I have to admit that I originally thought that I really did not want to make another large quilt (My first ever, in my entire life, quilt is almost twin size!)  I wanted to spend a little more time on the new techniques.  But the fabric bug bit and bit hard..... so I got enough to make another twin size... you know, just in case.....  

I LOVE my focus fabric.... so much so that I got about 1/2 yard more than I need for the quilt..... I wanted extra - for a pillow or cover or pillow case or something absolutely fun.  

See that awesome green fabric on the bottom - that is the LOVE fabric... isn't it so pretty?  I just might have to use pink for my inner border and binding... I do not think I could do the whole back in pink though.  

Well, I need to go and relax a little before my long day tomorrow.....  I said I had tweaked the craft/sewing room a bit.....  Look at this awesome chair that I have wanted for awhile and was able to get it this week..... and the owners gave me the chair because I loved it so much.  The ottoman is a birthday present from my youngest.....  What a great relaxing spot..... Michael and Susie have given their approval.  


  1. Wowowow I LOVE the colors, it looks incredibly beautiful!! What an accomplishment!! I think you should definitely do more. And get a new sewing machine. :-D

  2. Very nice! That fabric bug bites hard doesn't it?

  3. Thanks Annette! And I do love the vote for getting a new machine - I am definitely leaning in that direction!

    Yes, the fabric bug is a nasty little devil!

  4. What a great quilt! My first one was a rag top one. Have yet to create one completly sewn like yours! Looks amazing! Also love the colours! Right up my alley! Hugs! Cindy :)

  5. We are so proud of you. That is beautiful. When are you taking orders?

  6. Thanks Cindy..... I appreciate your kind words! Do you have pictures of your first quilt posted? I would love to see it. (I love the colors too - I am a fall kinda person.....)

    Awwww thanks Mom! I cannot make in promises for Christmas this year - but next year might have some fun surprises! I used the birthday VISA card for the fabric for the new sampler quilt - I still have plenty left to get the batting and the backing fabric too! So THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! Love you!

  7. You are doing a very good job!! Your first top is lovely..I love batik fabrics!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! Hugs Sandra Kaye

  8. You did an awesome job! your next project looks like it will be beautiful too!

  9. Wow Stacy....for your first quilt you did a fabulous job!!!
    I love the patern, colors & fabrics!!!
    Can't wait to see it quilted!!

  10. Hello Stacey,

    First, congratulations for the achievement of this beautiful quilt. You must be very proud and happy. I know how sometimes sewing might be hard work. When I was young (long long ago) I loved to sew and create my clothes or made some appliqué.

    Second, thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Some of my watercolors paintings are available at a very affordable price. You may want to have a look at my Etsy shop here :

    Should you like a painting, you may reserve it and pay later.

    I wish you a nice back to school. Here in France it is on september 4th.
    I wish you a beautiful week.Helene

  11. Congratulations! I love how your quilt turned out. Thank you so much for stopping and your kind comment


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