Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where Has The Time Gone........

Oh I know... right into my craft room.  Since my last, every excited, post about my First Ever Quilt Top... I have been playing in the craft room.  I must confess that the craft room is morphing (slowly) into a sewing room.  Yes, that is right.... I think all of the beading, crocheting, card making and all other crafting I have done up to this point (and that is over 30 years) has led me to this.... quilting.  I LOVE FABRIC.  I love cutting perfectly lovely pieces of fabric into strips, squares and triangles... only to sew them back together again into beautiful blocks.  Did you notice that I left the word "perfectly" out of that last little bit?  It was intentional as I am just a beginner and have a LONG LONG LONG way to go to even remotely use any form of the word "perfect" in the same phrase or sentence as "quilting," "piecing," "sewing".....  However that is not a problem.... because to get anywhere near "perfect" one must practice and that means..................................sewing room time!  

I have made another quilt top since the First Ever Quilt Top... I signed up for Quilt 102 and we made a sampler quilt.... There are 35 blocks which consist of Rail Fence, Nine Patch and Nine Patch Variation, Pinwheel, Friendship Star and my all-time favorite - Log Cabin.  (Yes, there is a post in the works on the Log Cabin block).  I have pictures of this fun Sampler while it was in the works - but not one of the complete top yet... I will post later.  

Also took a binding class and signed up for a Mystery Quilt.... oooo this one is fun so far... I get my second sent of clues/instructions tonight.  Our instructor (Ellen) for the binding class, really encouraged us to make a small project and then bind it within a week of the class.... so I made a little table topper - but I am hand quilting it (poorly I might add) so I am afraid that it may be a little more than a week before I get it bound!   

So I am not ignoring my blog - just so busy learning, cutting, sewing, making lots of mistakes and having a blast. 

And I completely forgot...... I won a blog giveaway!!!!  Oh my gosh..... I won the most beautiful book from Lovey at Fabric Memories. You must go and see how wonderful this book is.  I want to use her techniques in a quilt at some point so it was just so awesome to win and receive her book!  Thanks Lovey!!!!  

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