Thursday, May 21, 2015

Headlines, Headlines, Head Lies?

Have you noticed the trend?  You know, the one where the headline does not match the story....  It seems to be a crazy trend.  

It is surprising.  Seriously, surprising.  

Or is it?  

Do we limit ourselves to a one-liner?  The best one?  The one that puts us in the perfect light....but fails to capture the truth?  

I have not seen this in the blogger community of the internet...

I think this comes from a desire to express ourselves - warts and all.  We love to share our talents, our encouragement and even our faults.... all to help one another. 

So this crazy trend in other parts of social media - they can have it.  I like our Blog posts and titles... I like our loving community.  

I like truth.  


  1. Totally agree with often the headline doesn't match or even do the true story justice.
    Love you blog.

    1. Missing you on Instagram! Hope all is well and you are just busy crocheting away!


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