Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year..... New Ironing Board Cover

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Ironing Board Cover...  and I actually made it myself....  I really do not know where I got the idea........was it a blog or on Pinterest or e-mail newsletter?  I just cannot remember.  ("Getting older is not for sissies," as my old Pastor used to say!) 

I wanted a new ironing board cover to match all the fun colors in my sewing/craft room - and I just could not find one that was the right colors.  Most that I saw were $15.00 and up!  So I went and picked up some fabric which was right what the decorator doctor ordered!  I love all flowers.....   and did I tell you I made it MYSELF..........  With no pattern!  Well, other than turning the ironing board down on top of the fabric and
cutting around it.  I really really really wish I could remember where I found the idea so I could give this brilliant person the credit they desire! 

What prompted the desire for a new ironing board cover????? 

So glad you asked.... it is from the ironing and cutting, sewing and ironing I have been doing lately on the newest quilt top.  I showed you the fabric in this post. The pattern is from Jennifer Chiaverini's Blog and is the Resolution Block quilt from the 20th book in her Elm Creek Quilters series.....  Here is some of the cutting, sewing and ironing...  
Do you see the very necessary quilt tool above the sewn patches.... in the tin foil???  Yep - sustenance!  

Here is the focus fabric.... I just love it and my dear friend who started this quilting journey with me - she loves it too.  I think I will have to give her some!!!!  

Here is a little peek at the design board.  I am getting excited to sew the blocks into rows and then the rows together - BUT I must figure out why my triangles are not the right size.....  Does this mean I will be visiting my favorite Quilt Shop.... Oh Yes it does!  

So it is a Happy New Year.....  

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