Friday, January 18, 2013

New Challenges......

My poor husband has been down this whole week with what we thought was a back injury.... About a year and half ago, he was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease - which in our research we have found is not really a disease - just something that happens to us as we age and/or suffer a major back injury.  Last Saturday, he bent over to pick up something and poof - he was on his back in bed.  He missed work.  I worked a little at the office and then worked from home so I could take care of him.  Not that is a major challenge in of itself, but it does give us something to think about as we age - what challenges are we going to face..... (The funny thing is that in the past when he would have an episode like this - the kids were still home so I did not miss any work..... but now with two of the three living in their own places and the youngest working all day - I had to be able to work and take care of him.... (Something great might come out of this because my boss said to me today that I demonstrated that I was able to work from home and he thought maybe we could come up with an arrangement where I do that more often......  woooo hooooo.....)  I not trying to get my hopes up - but wow.... I WOULD LOVE THAT!  

The even better news is that my husband went to a pain management doctor today.... He suffered through the ride over - "bumps in the road," could hardly sit in the waiting room chair, barely walked into the examination room..... then when he came out - he was nearly skipping!!!!  I am not kidding!  To make this long story short - he received some shots and by the end of this weekend - he should be feeling almost normal again!  Apparently - he does have the disc degeneration - but the problem this time is in his joints.  Apparently he has one leg longer than the other.....  he now has a lift to wear in his shoe and it may take care of any future problems.....   Who knew!  

So during all the craziness our life was this past week - I started two new projects.  Well, actually I had committed to them prior to this week - but they started this week.  

I joined Block of the Month Club at my quilt shop. I am so excited and thrilled that we got a different color choice - but really nervous about trying something completely new to me.....  templates.....  
Isn't the fabric choice beautiful?  I have not worked with many browns - so I very very excited.  The finished blocks I saw in the shop are GORGEOUS!  As I said - I am excited on one hand but extremely nervous on the other to try templates.  However, everyone at the shop tells me that if you are going to use any templates....  Marti Mitchell templates are the ones to use.....  So I have a month to make the first block - which is a called "Five Flying Geese."  One of the members of the BOM club gave me some good advice (yes, I am the only newbie in the club!)....  she told me to try out the block on scrap fabric first.  She was super sweet to add "use good scraps, because it will come out great and you will want to use it for something else." Love the encouragement from these experts!  

And I started a Second Mystery Quilt this week!  Here is the fabric I decided to go with....
Look - more browns!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric second from the left - the one with the fern leaves on it....  Actually I totally love the third one from the left too - the golden brown with green leaves and red flowers....  Heck, I love it all!  I am super happy with my choices and I have Marla at Quilter's Bee to thank... she helped me with the final choice of the LOVE LOVE LOVE fabric.  

I am still working on The Giving Quilt - which is now renamed John's Quilt.  For some reason my husband really loves this one.  He loves the colors and the setting (just not the focus fabric) .... Funny because I love the focus fabric - but not the other fabrics... so this is going to be his quilt - without the focus fabric. That means I can use it in something else!! Ellen at Quilter's Bee was able to alleviate my fears - I had not cut the triangles incorrectly - I just forgot how to sew them on!  So ......  I do need to take one of the triangles off (the small one on top) and adjust it - but it is on its way to becoming John's Quilt. 
So this week was full of new challenges.....  aging, templates, time management and seam ripping!  

I love how my life is now intertwined with fabric.....  


  1. Beautiful fabric! I have never tried quilting, but now that my mom is getting older; I have thought about asking her if she can teach me and maybe I can one day finish some projects she has started but hasn't been able to complete. Hmmm... I could be in for a lot of trouble! I have no idea if I can do it! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment - glad to have found you in return!

    1. Quilting is fun and yes, Maureen, it is quite addicting.... I think it would be wonderful to honor your mom by learning to piece and quilt so you can finish her projects. She will definitely be proud. My advice is to find a good quilt shop in your area which offers classes. I took Quilting 101 and 102 (beginning classes) which have taken away any fears I may have had.

      I hope you join us troublemakers ;)

      Take care and thanks for visiting!

  2. I think back pain is one of the most awful pains one can have. (I think it is right up there with a toothache.) I "threw out" my back a couple of years ago, and I don't think it's been back to normal since than. I always feel like I'm on the verge of throwing it out again, and I am very careful with it. I'll be sure to keep your husband in my thoughts (I'm interested to see how he does with the shot. That sounded heavenly!)

    I love your quilt work - and so admire it. I'm not a quilter, or any type of seamstress, for that matter. I was just telling my daughter yesterday that "Mommy is good at a lot of things . . . but sewing is not one of them" as I ironed on the sticky hem stuff to the curtains I was taking up. Yep, that was me. I can't wait to see what you do with the brown fabrics. They are lovely!

    Thanks for your comment and blog visit on my new studio space! I appreciate it so!

  3. Hi Leanne - my husband says the same thing - he feels like his back is going to go at any time.... I feel bad for both of you. My only "back pain"has been muscle spasms.... So I have no idea the misery you all go through. And I am happy to report that so far so good on the shot. While he is not up to par - he is in a much better place than he was this time last week!

    I love the sticky stuff to hem curtains! I am with you though - there are some wonderful art mediums that I will never try - but admire with all my heart. I am glad that each of us can find at least one creative outlet..... And let me just say that I cannot wait to see what comes out of your studio space!

    Thank you for your encouragement and visit!

  4. Stasa Lynn,
    I'm so glad your hubby is doing better: mine suffers from back problems as well due to his work that thankfully he is now retired from. I'm happy to see the start of your two new projects and hope to see them complete. My grandmother used to quilt and I am fortunate to have one she made just for me. Thank you so much for the sweetest, kindest comment on my card! you made my day!


  5. Hi Kristi! Thanks for stopping by and I totally love your card! It is wonderful to have a quilt that your grandmother made just for you. I hope someday to make one for my grandchildren as well.

    I am glad your husband is retired from a job that hurt him. My husband was doing better - but has had a bit of set back this weekend. I think he felt so good he may have overestimated his wellness.... Not to worry though he is better than before.

    Keep creating and I cannot wait to see more cards!


  6. thanks for the visit to my blog. I do my my lil lucky dog.. lots he was an angel.. your hubby and I lead the same life with our backs. I just went thru two years of pain management rf work... it is fun at all.. the shots do help lots thou.. I am glad they got him relief...

    please visit again.. :D

  7. Prayers said here for some pain relief for your poor husband. I know too well how horrible that can be.

    Your block of the month club sounds perfect for you. By the sounds of it, you will have some good advice from the other members too.

    I love browns as well and I think your fabric and pattern choices are lovely.

    1. Awwww.... thanks! You are awesome! (And we can always use some prayers around here!)


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