Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog Party Hangover......

Whew....  I am still not done mingling at Karen's Blog Party - she sure knows how to throw a doosie!  I have met so many awesome ladies and seen some gorgeous studios/craft/sewing rooms!  If you want to check them out - just hit the banner over there on the right side of my blog.... Karen loves to be the best hostess!  

Since I needed a break (and I had tons of homework from quilting class) I spent some much needed therapy time in the craft room.  I had to move some things around - partly due to some inspiration I received from visiting all the creative spaces - and mainly because I needed a design wall for my quilt layout.  
Also needed to get some of the items I had on a table - up and away - so taking a cue from many of the other crafters and artists - I went and got an over the door shoe holder and put it on the door into the room.  Pretty awesome!  Now I have a nice free open place to cut fabric.  

Now for the design wall - I had to move my bulletin board (which I now knowshould be referred to as an inspiration board) over above my ribbons... Now I have a nice place to tack up some old batting.  

You now have a little bit of a sneak peek of my first ever quilt - This was one of the layouts I was toying with at the time.... I love these rust colored fabrics..... so rich and beautiful.  

Here is another peek at some of the other fabrics and the main focus fabric.  The middle fabric - the golden yellow with the white stars..... I fell in love with that fabric the first time I saw at the quilt store....  I knew I had to have it....  So, when I picked the focus fabric and we were instructed to pick three colors out of that fabric and then..... pick a light, medium and dark of each of those colors.....of course I saw gold in that fabric. :) 
This is the layout I've decided to use......  I wonder how hard it will be to put it together!!!  hmmmm... the design layout might change.  I stayed away from the obvious blue in the focus fabric.....  I just hope it works out!  Last week our homework was to cut all the fabric (except the pretty focus ones) into 2 1/2 strips.....  this week our homework was to come up with a way you want your strips (by color) together and then sew the colors together - after that cut them into 6 1/2 squares....  I finally finished up last night.  I was bummed because I was all done!  

So, I decided to make myself a sewing machine cover....  Earlier in the week I had googled sewing machine covers and found this great blog and loved the look of Audrie's scrappy patchwork cover.  I adapted her pattern and came up with an easier one for me - because I am a NOVICE sewer!  

I have to admit that I was pretty happy with the results..... 

Now I do not have to worry about dust getting into my machine when I sadly am away from her.  I have had this sewing machine for many years.  My parents gave it to me and it sat in my closet for a long time.  I was scared of her and until recently realized I was not using her correctly.  I believe we are now very happy with our relationship and I thank my folks so much!  

Next week, I am going to San Diego with a friend, her two granddaughters and my youngest (who is 20!).  I have never been to San Diego.....  yes, I know!  The best part is that next week, while we are there, I will be celebrating my 48th birthday!  I have not been to a beach since I was 5 or 6 years old!  My grandparents lived in Florida and we would drive down from Virginia to visit them..... that was the last time!  So, I am super excited to be sending time on the beach again!  I received some great gifts from friends far away and they are just awesome!  In my post about the quilting class - where I mentioned my friend who moved and decided to take a watercolor class - look at what she sent me!!!!  

Isn't that awesome!  It fits just perfect with my (dwindling) buttons..... so I hung her beauty right on the wall in behind my sewing machine - so I can see it all the time!  Isn't that just the perfect place for it.... my little sewing corner of the room.  

Do you see the little tin plate on my sewing table?  I found it recently packed away and had to put it to good use.  I got it from my grandmother.... I believe it may be an old advertising gift.... just do not know from where... Here is a close up - I just love it.....  "We are all here"  

As I think all of us tend to do, I have been a little reflective on this last year.  There have been lots of changes - all mostly really great......  Our family has grown with the marriage of my oldest daughter to a great young youngest daughter getting closer to to going away to college....  my husband and I are re-discovering our dreams from our youth.  I am pretty happy with all the changes....  

I cannot wait to see what changes this year will bring... which dreams will be achieved and what new dreams will develop!  


  1. What a sweet post. I love that little tin appropriate.

    Your quilt looks great so far...that is a good idea to pin it up on the wall to check out your pattern!

    I am off to a garage sale in the scrapbook sotre's parking lot! I usually find good treasures there.

    I am trying to set a limit (with DH not back at work yet) but have a little tucked away for those special bargains.
    Last time I got PP for a penny a sheet. I pick up bargains like that to give away to a neice just starting out crafting.

  2. Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comment about my Snicker doodle. I would love to see a picture of your Michael if you have one. I enjoyed visiting your studio. Isn't this blog party fun.
    Can't wait to see your mixed media projects. Hugs,

  3. Your humor and positive attitude is so refreshing your blog shows it. It is fun to look at your quilting, I enjoy them. My fabric is still in my bin, maybe someday I will have time to do the one I have planned. Your crafting space is nice.

  4. Thanks for the kind words Kelly - I really appreciate it. I hope you can find the time too and share it with us on your blog.... I will be watching!

    This blog party has been great - especially making new friends!


  5. Wow - you really put all that studio inspiration to work! Watch out for fabric, it's seriously habit forming.

  6. I think the sewing machine cover is so cute! LOVE the fabric :)

    I have a sewing machine too, and I am afraid of it as well.. Gosh, I should take your Q and get her out and dust her off and get sewing.

    Have a great time in San Diego.


  7. what a bright breezy sewing machine cover, well done you!! You have a great craft space, hasn't it been fun seeing where others create.

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my site and your lovely comments. I am new to blogging to and it is so nice to share! Congratulations on pursuing your dream of quilting. It looks like you have made a wonderful start!


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