Monday, February 13, 2012

Blogging Fun!

It has been so much fun reading all the blogs and working on mine.  What I have been amazed about is how I am now always looking at things and thinking..... "maybe I should take a picture."  The fun part of this is that I am now looking at my world in a different way.  

I recently was able to upgrade my cell phone and with my youngest daughter's urging I upgraded to an HTC Evo.....  Oh how I love this droid! 

My daughter upgraded to an iPhone and she loves it!  She has wanted one for so long....  I am happy she was able to finally work towards and get something she wanted. 

And my friend Annette over at Nettie's World also got a droid.... we both have been marveling at the wonders of these phones.  

I personally got quite a bit of joy out of being in the car while my husband was driving and I was able to log on to Facebook.....  Anyway, for fear of showing more of my ignorance in technology, I will get back to my point which was that I love the camera on the droid.... I even slipped and said my camera has a great phone to a co-worker today!  

One of the reasons I love the camera is that it is always so handy.... so it is making my vision just a little bit easier.  

Who doesn't love easy!

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