Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hot Flashes and Quilt Construction

Even though the temps are beautiful outside..... I have been feeling a little - well, how do I put this?  Warm? Steamy? Hot Under the Collar? Well, no.... just flashy....  Oh wouldn't it be nice if flashy meant that I had a fun little skirt on with gems and rhinestones?  Little red shoes all glittered up?  Lots of makeup and big 80's hair.... 

Of course not.  In my case it means: uncontrollable, without notice, bouts of sweaty and heated moments.... where you lose your breath for a time because it is just so darn hot.  Opening a window and letting in the cool air helps - until your hubby comes in and tells you it is cold outside!  "Well, yes dear, it is.....  that is why it is open!"  (This is all said in my head - not out loud... at least not today) 

So during the rush of heat which overtakes my every fiber - I have been working on John's Quilt top.  I am pretty pleased with it because (a) it was the first one I have done where the blocks were on point, (b) no sweat marks anywhere on it and (c) most important - hubby loves it.  He loves the colors and the simplicity of it.  I even have him convinced to let me put the focus fabric on the back!  

I still need to put about a 2 or 3 inch border on - which I will do in the same beige fabric (but I have to go to my favorite quilt store and get some more - oh darn) and will bind it in the blue fabric (the little squares - as my pictures are not true to color!) 

And I also learned how to put my name on the pictures!  

So back to work for me.... I need to work on the BOM and still need to finish steps 2, 3, and 4 on the mystery quilt.  

So while I have a hot flash....... I will just open the window and turn on the ceiling fan..... and make the sewing machine go at full speed!  


  1. Здравствуйте! Желаю вам благополучно завершить ваш прекрасный проект!Такая аккуратность, просто фантастика!

    1. Thanks Margarita! I appreciate your encouragement..... I love your blog! And thanks again for the snow pictures!


  2. I swear that I was about 10-15 degrees hotter than everyone around me for about 5 years and am just starting to feel more normal

    1. Debra.... so good to know that this to shall pass! And super glad that you are now feeling more normal!!!!


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