Saturday, December 17, 2011


Ahhhh.... that nasty word.... Stress.  

It is quite sad that this little word - only five letters... can cause shallow breathing, heart racing and panic.  Coupled with this time of the year.  Everyone is rushing, their to do lists a mile long and not getting any shorter.  

Each morning, after my prayers..... I say over and over in my head "stressfree."  Actually it is working.  That is not to say that I still do not have a few panic attacks during the day... but they are shorter and less panicky .  I realize after the fourth breath that I will be alright. I will make it through this minor crisis and life is good.  

Repeat the mantra "stressfree, stressfree, stressfree....."  I do not promise perfection - but maybe a little bliss.  

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